In-reply-to » @carsten Your thoughts/opinions on Activity Pub integration with Yarn / Tstxt? 🤔 good morning. I am uncertain if this would be beneficial or not. On one hand, it would be nice to see twtx show up in my mastodon feed. Sure, on the other hand, I think it would be too much to get them here in yarn social. I like the small audience and group of people around this. It is a limited factor and a limited small nerdy group, but isn’t this why you have developed it? And people are using it? Small groups of people? Of course, you could achieve the same on any mastodon instance, but the deployment stack of mastodon is huge compared to twtx.

I would not want it. Maybe crossposting from twtxt to an activity pup instance is sth I would use.

One other question that I am asking myself, and I think I mentioned that in our email conversations, is the fact if we really need so many interconnected systems and do I or do we want to use so many different systems?

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