In-reply-to » @lyse Also curious how you plan to write a Web UI without any Javascript -- But you started off by writing a Rest API? Are those going to be two separate things? Everything will be done with good old plain form requests. The only thing where JS was involved was the map of course. I think for the weight graph a mate used the <canvas> or something like that, so JS was required, too. Unfortunately. For the “Enter Exercise” form JS helped to disable the free text input field when another exercise was selected. But it also worked flawlessly with JS disabled. Or was there some CSS trickery going on? Can’t remember. Can’t remember. Would need to look into the code.

The key is to have everything working without JS. JS might only be used to add little UX benefits. But it must remain working without JS, too. That’s my fundamental rule for over a decade now.

Yes, UI and REST API are two very different things. I started with the REST API to have something very simple and functional. It’s much easier to test and I can simply have a shell script to interact with.

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