In-reply-to » πŸ’‘ TIL: Today I learned that there is nothing special about pkg/ inside of Go projects. It is just like any other sub-package structure you might otherwise define in your project. It just adds an extra part to your imports. I think it's actually confusing at best and just unnecessary typing and an unnecessary sub-structure. Just keep your packages in the top-level and be done with it πŸ‘Œ Bingo! That’s just it πŸ‘Œ Idioms.

That’s why you keep hearing about:

Idiomatic Go

Some years ago when I still actively developed in Python i twas:

Zen of Python

Every language has its strengths and weaknesses, like you , I really hate it when the Java or C++ crowd come bring their sillyridiculouss structures to nice languages like Go πŸ˜… (I felt the same way about Python 2.x -> 3.x too, I just couldn’t write Python anymore πŸ˜…)

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