In-reply-to » Phew, our yearly big flea market this weekend is over. It was cancelled for obvious reasons in the last two years. We got donated a bit more material than usual I'd say. In the end the big multipurpose hall was packed like nothing. Every square centimeter on and below the tables was occupied with things. Residents donate all sorts of stuff they don't need anymore to our local scout group on Saturday and we go through it, sort it and sell it on Sunday to the general public. All profits go to our youth work.

Whoops, I just noticed the article’s image link was broken and fixed it.

Well, I’d say most things are still in good shape and reusable, But some people abuse us as large trash collectors, that’s for sure. There is always a looooot of decoration crap, that most of us don’t value ourselves, but it sells like hot cakes, so we don’t mind it too much. :-) I’m in charge of the electronics department and most things work, but we threw away a few things right away, because they were complete garbage. On the other hand, some machines were even never used once and came in their original packaging. So you have the complete spectrum.

That also goes for the customers. Most are super nice and few even give you more than you charged. Of course haggling is key and everybody tries to get a good deal. “It’s for a good cause” is a trick to get people to finally accept your higher price request every time (if it’s not too far away from what they want). I never experienced sb. declining that in all the years. ;-)

But you also have the complete asshole that tries to shamelessly bargain the crap out of you and often are successful in pulling young cub scouts over the barrel, who of course have no idea what something is really worth (and a buck is quite a lot for them). Well, even we grown-ups often have no clue about the real value. You won’t believe how many times I heard “but that’s really all I have” by wheeler-dealers and after some time they accidentally find some more coins in their pockets. Surprise! And then there are also the thieves. We watched like hawks, but a smartphone was stolen regardless in the first 20 minutes or so. And probably a few other things as well, we didn’t even notice.

But all in all, most people are great to deal with. The bad bunch are a very small minority, it’s just that the unpleasant situations sink deeper into memory. But the good thing is that you know them inside out the next year and can act appropriately.

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