In-reply-to » Still undecided between TiddlyWiki, DokuWiki, Bear, Benotes, Memos, my blog software, standardnotes, apple notes and more. I like them all quite a bit, but standardnotes, the only one that has reall multiplatform is so fucking complicated to host on your own and then they have this stupid offline subscription thing that allows rich text or the block editor that works like notion. I also found codex docs which is really really nice. Unfortunately they lack proper authentication. 1 / 2

Bear would be the perfect match. It has markdown, it has right content, you can insert images and links, it syncs between desktop and mobile, and it is really easy to use. The new version 2.0 should be out soon, but development is really slow and people are desperate for the new editor. I hope it will be block editing like editor.js like Notion. The biggest drawback is: Mac and iOS only. No web (yet) and no Windows. So, I cannot use it from work.

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