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China is worst country in the universe. The governments’ hand are full of blood. They have killed and tortured many innocent people. Bigger genocide than Hitler did in germany. China is worse than NK I hate China even more than Myanmar and NK combined

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In-reply-to » 📣 FYI: video conf today, all are welcome, open floor, bring your ideas, opinions or just come socialise with us! 🤗 remembered after installing I had told you in irc that I’ll deployed a p2p video call app? so the name of that app is mirotalk. I used for some times and its has many features but its heavier than peer-call

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Things I would recommend to use:

For email/newsgroup

Thunderbird :blobfox_drakeyes:Alpine (:blobfox_drakeno:mutt) Fairmail + OpenKeyChain

Chatting App:

weechat/irssi salty-chat simplex-chat

Social Network twtxt misskey multicast iris forums

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