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In-reply-to » I've started playing with Go today, just understood the basics and still a bit confused about the module and goroutine parts.

@prologic the go get and go mod tidy wont fetch new changes. that’s all a manual affair AFAIK

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In-reply-to » git-bug

Ah git-bug! Ive chatted with the creator when he was working on the graphql parts. Its working with git objects directly sorta like how git-repo does code reviews. Its a pretty neat idea for storing data along side the branches. I believe they don’t add a disconnected branch to avoid data getting corrupted by merging branches or something like that.

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In-reply-to » Dear native english speakers, I keep hearing this ad on di.fm:

He says “The college ready foundation send messages of support to all college ready foundation stations all around the world.”

It is a very odd message of support to themselves. But OK.

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In-reply-to » @movq yeah.. i rewrote it a few times because i thought there was something breaking.. but was mistaken though now i am seeing a weird cache corruption.. that seems to come and go. Media

I have found the issue with this very subtle bug.. the cache was returning a slice that would be mutated. The mutation involved appending an item and then sorting. because the returned slice is just a pointer+length the sort would modify the same memory.

          CACHE         Returned slice          
original: [A B C D]     [A B C D]
add:      [A B C D] E   [A B C D E]
sort:     [E A B C] D   [A B C D E]

fix found here:

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In-reply-to » Tell me you write go like javascript without telling me you write go like javascript:

@lyse @prologic yeah that was how i did it too. I think ill start using the debug version in new stuff since its been added. My comment was around assigning the result of an anonymous function to a a variable.

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In-reply-to » @prologic Alright, there's some erroneous markdown parsing going on, I reckon. In my original twt I have a code block surrounded by three backticks. The code block itself contains a single backtick. However, at least for rendering, yarnd shows three backticks instead (not sure if my markdown is invalid, though):

@lyse ill check this out.. also.. why the heck is my reply trying to set the subject to #bd3yzvq)

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