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I’m done with the “smallening” for now.

I thought it’d be interesting to remake an older pixelart, that was way too “inspired” by Difros ( work, to match with one of my friends profile picture at the time drawn by Difro.

Now I wanted to return to it and try making all the changes I regretted not making back than and in general make it more than a somewhat edited copy of someone elses work.

*They still look somewhat similar, because some changes were already made in the first edit from 2021. It was never just a re-color of someone elses art.

The original:

The new one:

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Not to brag too much, but I’m the local expert of “technical minimalism”. There’s rarely ever more than 5 e-mails in my inbox. Onece I read it, in the bin it goes!

Whenever SW goes unused for too long, it gets uninstalled and I manually hunt down and delete all the cache and trash files it still left on my precious SSD.

I always make sure to uninstall all pre-installed junk from any device. I browse in incognito, to not waste my memory with cookies, history files and browsery junk.

What little junk spills through I run over using the Ashampoo WinOptimizer, that itself I optimize to ensure the most optimal optimizing.

All canines drawn reside in the cloud, I don’t even have them all backed up locally, but I always use 5+ cloud/FTP services, just to be absolutely sure they’re safe.

Yes, my “technical minimalism” might be getting slightly out of hand. 🤪

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Is there still no way to get build 63 of Goryon on Android? Currently there’s still only apk files for build 61 on the Gitea and I think the app is still not available on Google Play.

Also the url still mentioned on a few places (like the Gitea) now gives a 404 error when accessed.

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I’m busy playing pixel wars lately, so not much posting or new art to post here. Still there is at least one new things those pixel wars brought me, the answer to the question “how small can the dog get?”.

The answer to this question turned out to be 48 pixels (on a 9x9 canvas).

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Kinda busy lately, but here’s a header/banner thing I made for Mastodon. Also feel free to insert a joke about how retiring the mobile app, in favor of a PWA that’s still “early in development” at best, might have not been the best idea here. 😏 But than again, who am I to call that out, when I have no time for similar projects now myself.

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In-reply-to » Media Now we fry the mushroom and test the frying process. The life energy reads 55 or 5 units, that's 50% less than the raw mushrooms. Any chance you could print my profile picture on a piece of paper and try measuring it with the device? I already had my art judged by a few AIs on the Internet, but never had it tested for life force energy before. 🙃

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A short responses to the browser thing. Now thinking about it, it’s sad Opera despite being Chinese owned, linked to scams and overall shitty, still remains the best choice I have, for what I usually need.

Still when I need to test sites at work, I often just use the browser I mede, because it doesn’t cache everything and it’s not filled with cookies, so one can actually see how the site currently looks and not some old and broken cached version.

It’s amazing the competition is so shitty, that despite all their sabotage, one student with not much time was able to make a browser, that may not be able to compete, but is still somehow more useful for webdev.

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watching everyone talk about cloud prices, while knowing that my pixelart and data is small enough to backup for free, pretty much anywhere I want

There’s also a trick with Google Drive, that can be used to join random organizations, that made their thing too open and if you choose one with stupid enough admins and name your folder on there something sneaky. It’s a bit of a Russian roulette and it can get deleted at any time, if you get too cocky with it, so I obviously wouldn’t recommend using it for anything too important. 😂

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In-reply-to » Trump-Backed 'Truth Social' Tops Apple's App Store Charts Truth Social, a new social media platform backed by former President Donald Trump, sat at the top of Apple's free apps download charts as of Tuesday morning. CNBC reports: The platform unveiled a soft launch late Sunday, according to Reuters, with many users prompted to join a waitlist. Some who tried to sign up reported glitches when attempting to create an acco ... ⌘ Read more What also helped it rank so high in those charts, is the fact the iOS app is so far the only working frontend for it, so unlike any other social media, using a browser to access it, isn’t even a possibility yet.

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Looking into Truth Social - Day1:

  • It’s heavily Mastodon + Soapbox based - still an understatement.
  • It seems to have some weird side-wide reputation system, to ensure maximum echo chamber - might not apply to checkmarks.
  • Graphic design of the main page doesn’t seem to be Donnies passion - especially not when it comes to phone layouts.
  • Registration is very confusing and seems to be working only through the iOS app, if one is “lucky” enough to get through the never ending queue and smart enough to register via an email, as phone registrations allegedly don’t even work.
  • Many people can only access the site by using a VPN, as the anti-raid system is way too sensitive and often throws out users just trying to view the site normally. Conclusion : Everything about the site is such a mess, that I couldn’t even be bothered to get an alt there, to troll the 5 people, who managed to somehow get in, despite all these problems.

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In-reply-to » @prologic Here's the screenshot gallery on their website demonstrating all the platforms it runs on. NetSurf is awesome! I'm surprised you haven't heard of it. It's a truly independent Web browser that uses its own custom rendering engine and focuses on portability and low resource usage. It supports most of HTML 4.1/CSS2 plus it has experimental JavaScript support. I’m no Mac expert, as you can probably tell, but I’m somewhat familiar with the browser development scene and know that quite a few browsers dropped their Mac support in 2021, because they didn’t have the resources (or much of a reason) to port their browsers to M1. Not helping was the fact that development for Macs is hard for those working on non-Apple devices, so browser developers had to rely on Mac-owning volunteers willing to help. The number of those volunteers was also shrinking, since most Mac users just use one of the mainstream browsers these days, even more than those on other platforms - probably thanks to the AppStore.

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I’m even more mad at Spotify now. I thought they stood by Joe Rogan, because they cared about some level of “freedom of speech” in podcasting. Than they go and ban the more “controversial” podcasts, that are not Spotify exclusive like “Mad at the Internet”, that most other big podcast platforms (including Apple and Google) allow.

I guess Spotify only cares about partnered podcasts and if you want something that’s smaller, more local or a live radio station, you have to get a different app anyway.

Even if they still have the podcast you want, sometimes it doesn’t even play right (stops/crashes randomly) and instead of fixing the player, they rather focus on the development of stupid technologies, that push the sponsors in big podcasts even more in your face or other gimmicks nobody cares about.

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In-reply-to » @thecanine Care designing a simple pixel theme for mkws? Something super simple? Pick a font and some colors I guess? Which one?

The Hypnospace font was recreated by Senpaifurret based on tweets by Foone: and I found it on here:

Since it is so heavily inspired by the game, it’s hard to give it a license, but those recreating it and the site list it as licensed under Creative Commons.

The more universal font is by Craig Kroeger, who has all his work and fonts at: and there is a custom license the fonts are under: , so that’s also the license that applies to my fixed version of it, except for the “no fixing” part of the license, that excludes me, as I’ve asked for permission.

He also made many other great minimalist fonts, that you can check out on the site. Some are free and some can be purchased for $10 per font, though the paid ones only have Latin support, making them less universal the the free fonts with Latin, Central European and Cyrillic support.

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With the exams finally over, for better or worse. I’m feeling completely burnt-out, but I’m trying to fight that and the art block, to bring back some of the stuff that made people follow me. 🤞

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