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In-reply-to » Pretty quiet lately 🤔 (from Humans 😂) Haha yeah 😅 That’s awesome to hear! 🥳 – My week is “so so”, have had a teammate sick for the past 2 weeks so I’ve been working extra hours so I’m pretty tired and haven’t had much energy left or time for anything else 😢

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In-reply-to » Google Brings Street View History To Phones, Introduces 'Street View Studio' Today is the 15th birthday of Google Maps Street View, Google's project to take ground-level, 360-degree photographs of the entire world. To celebrate, the company is rolling out a few new features. From a report: First up, Google is bringing historical Street View data to iOS and Android phones. The feature has long existed ... ⌘ Read more Imagine how I feel 😆

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In-reply-to » Anyone know of any good resources to learn Python? I currently have a book that has some python in it, that I got with my RPi 400, so maybe something a little less "beginner"? +1 on learning Go 😅 Can’t believe missed this Yarn 😂

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In-reply-to » There is the web3 and Web 3.0 (as a successor for Web 2.0), one more oriented to distributed and federated content, another with everything on top of a currency, so every stored bit costs some gas.

and the potential of decentralized power behind it

The problem though with Web 3.0 (if that’s the proper naming) is that is is NOT decentralised at all.

Is it “distributed”.

I really do not understand why we collectively keep pushing the hype of “decentralised” and confusing it with “distributed”. A Blcokchain (any really) is actually a centralised data structure comprised of a chain of hashes and some “data”. A Blockchain + “some fancy networking” (usually Byzantine fault tolerance networking (or some variant thereof) is just another type of “distributed networking” technology.

Then of course tack on top the details of the various cryptocurrencies and “proof of work” vs. “proof of stake”, “longest chain wins”, etc… (details).

Bottom line. Web 3.0 is NOT decentralized. It is distributed and any data you store on it is very much “centralised” on whatever network you decide to put it on (e.g: IPFS).

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In-reply-to » Lecturer Argues Cryptocurrency Should 'Die in a Fire', Predicts Implosion Nicholas Weaver is a senior staff researcher at the International Computer Science Institute and lecturer in the computer science department at UC Berkeley. But he's also a raging cryptocurrency skeptic, arguing that cryptocurrency is useless and destructive, and should "die in a fire." I agree 100% 😆 Cryptocurrencies should die in a fire! NFTs too!

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In-reply-to » RIP

Votes haven’t been fully counted yet but I think we’ve successfully kicked out / fired the (corrupt as fuck) Liberals in Australia finally! 😆

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In-reply-to » On SaaS/Cloud services and finance tracking software. Of all of the pieces of software out there and Saas / Cloud services the one I truly do enjoy using and have a great deal of respect for is Buxfer™.

It’s not very well known. It should be. The CEO has asked me to help promote it a bit better. The reason it’s not so well known, is these guys have focused on features and user experience over “marketing”. Let’s help them by promoting this little gem 👌

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In-reply-to » Google Lets Personal Users Stay On 'No-Cost Legacy G Suite' With Custom Gmail Domain Back in April, Google delayed when G Suite legacy free-edition users had to start paying for Workspace. The company will now let you stay on a "Free Legacy Edition of G Suite for personal use" as the "no-cost" alternative in a rather notable policy change. 9to5Google reports: This "no-cost" option is for peop ... ⌘ Read more Wow! 😳 Kudos to Google for listening to its users and community and not screwing us over 😂

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In-reply-to » Almost all searches on my independent search engine are now from SEO spam bots Article URL: Hmmmm

Conclusion: Is there anybody out there?

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but it’s hard not to think that there is some truth to The Dead Internet Theory, i.e. the belief that the Internet is now empty and devoid of real people, and that everything is just bots talking to bots to generate content and clicks in order to get a share of the all-important and ever-growing advertising revenue5.

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In-reply-to » European Parliament votes for Free Software in AI resolution – This position must now be included in the AI regulation GPT-3 summarizes this as:

The European Parliament has passed a resolution on Artificial Intelligence with a majority of 495 votes in favor, 34 against, and 102 abstentions. The resolution includes many references to the advantages of Free Software and the FSFE is urging the Parliament to transfer its own position into the AI regulation.

Is this accurate? Is there a bit more to this? 🤔

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In-reply-to » css columns wouldn't work because avoid-break: column is really treated more as a suggestion ... anyway you can see exactly where i gave up lol

I don’t get it 🤦‍♂️

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