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How many forks deep is this Bitcoin conversation?

As said:

Step 1, someone builds something which doesn’t support a “reply” feature at all. Step 2, the thing grows, now people want “reply”. Step 3, it gets confusing with all the linear replies and now people want “full threading”. That’s also basically what happened to twtxt/yarn. Maybe, over time, everything evolves into Usenet., step 3 when? :)

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I just typed out a message here on Yarn, undid a few things with ctrl+z, and then tried to redo something with the vi redo key combination. That means it’s time to go to bed.

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In-reply-to » For a real feed format I would like to have a clear separation between titles and content. And more options for the content. Plaintext and HTML at least. The specification just says:

Also note that a status may not contain any control characters.

Which is extremely vague, but U+0009 Horizontal Tabulation is in the C0 control code block

I’m sure 99% of twtxt parsers don’t treat additional tabs any differently. Even Buckket’s reference implementation includes additional tabs in the message. Although, in fairness, it doesn’t check for any for control codes.

Maybe we need a less ambiguous specification documenting how twtxt feeds are being written in the wild. Did you know that the comment convention is not a part of the original spec? I feel like it’s used everywhere, even among feeds that don’t use any Yarn extensions.

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In-reply-to » Not sure which conversation you mean, @eaplmx (it's already quite late here), but here's my take: I think twtxt it's not heavy enough. For a real feed format I would like to have a clear separation between titles and content. And more options for the content. Plaintext and HTML at least. Twtxt is plaintext, but lots of folks (me included) actually use markdown in their yarns. However, the actual format being used is not advertised anywhere. To make things worse, I actually prefer reStructuredText over markdown. For podcasts some enclosure-like thing would be nice as well. Twtxt being line based also really limits structuring of longer content by hand. Just can't produce a nice source file. I don’t know if a metadata field is strictly necessary. I think there ought to be a defined set of syntax that all clients with Markdown support can be expected to handle in the same way. CommonMark maybe? It looks like Yarn supports most of CommonMark already, though I’ve never seen a horizontal rule. Let’s try it:

Some text here

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In-reply-to » Related with my current conversation, what do you think of using twtxt.txt as a format for feeds?

For a real feed format I would like to have a clear separation between titles and content. And more options for the content. Plaintext and HTML at least.

I don’t think it’s a very good idea to include content when using twtxt as a syndication format. Anything based on twtxt, in my opinion, should retain the spirit of the original specification, especially readability by humans and machines. 10K of HTML in one line absolutely breaks human readability.

What about TIMESTAMP\tTITLE\tPERMALINK, like the following?

2022-09-22T14:53:26-07:00	Bringing Back a Useful Browser Feature With a Bookmarklet

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A very insightful chat tonight with,,, and’s friend Ian who is, presumably, still primarily using legacy social networks. Hopefully we can change that. Some things we talked about tonight:

  • The rationale behind GoNix
  •’s thoughts on social networking (
  • Bringing people on to free platforms
  • Bot prevention on (#981)
  • Funding for
  • Goryon, material design, and satanism

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Recent updates to LibWeb have fixed the icons on the Yarn web client in Ladybird and the SerenityOS browser! Unfortunately, it still isn’t possible to post using LibWeb browsers but we’ll get there. :^)


For comparison, here’s a screenshot from 2022-07-22:


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In-reply-to » @jason / @movq Help me debug something I just observed here... @jason posted a Twt ( with raw line of (from his feed): I went on the mastodon feed and it seems the twtxt posts have been ahead by an hour since at least July 1st. It’s possible the bug was never fixed but we didn’t notice until someone with a different client tried to respond to

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Nice little chat tonight with was very selfishly out having fun with his family instead of talking to us internet strangers. Happy birthday, man!

Some things we talked about:

  • Video games
  • Video games on Linux
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft ClearType
  • Windows’ 30 year old spaghetti code leading to dialog boxes like this

⤋ Read More I was just finished writing the issue on yarnsocial/yarn for discussing outreach efforts for twtxt integration elsewhere, but I accidentally clicked a link and lost the entire thing.

I was thinking, though, would that type of discussion be better suited to its own repository? That way, we could have one issue per service.

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Could someone do me a favor and send a bug report in to Gitea? I made an account on GitHub for the purpose but they “flagged” my account, whatever that means, and then my support request about it went to /dev/null. I made the bug report, but it isn’t visible unless you’re logged in to my account.

It would be awfully nice if they would eat their own dog food, because I’ve never had a problem signing up to a Gitea instance. I uploaded my bug report here. They have a form system, so you’ll have to copy and paste the text into the fields. I didn’t fill in any of the fields that aren’t listed.

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In-reply-to » @abucci Dependendies suck 😆 This is my only problem with Go, but it applies to just about every “modern” language. Language-specific package managers make it too easy to introduce another dependency to your project.

This eventually gets to a point where you get is-even, with 207,899 weekly downloads, the full source code of which is pasted below.

'use strict';

var isOdd = require('is-odd');

module.exports = function isEven(i) {
  return !isOdd(i);

is-odd gets 439,933 weekly downloads, and depends on is-number which gets a staggering 68,678,128 downloads per week. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to go read the source code of those. Don’t worry, it’s not a big time commitment.

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In-reply-to » I did a take home software engineering test for a company recently, unfortunately I was really sick (have finally recovered) at the time 😢 I was also at the same time interviewing for an SRE position (as well as Software Engineering).

We’ve barreled past the microblog line and flew straight over the e-mail chain line. This is just social blogging.

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|            ,   |
|           //   |
|          //    |
|       .'./     |   R I P   T E R R Y  A.  D A V I S
|    .'. . .'.   |
|   /\  //  /\   |         1 9 6 9 - 2 0 1 8
|  '--'//  '--'  |
|    '==.        |
|    //          |

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This is a weird request, but does anyone have something for me to encode with FFmpeg? The more complicated the project, the better. I am trying to improve my skills and I learn best with real-world use.

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I was able to log in to using Ladybird, but I couldn’t post. I was focusing the text box, but I couldn’t type in there. With JavaScript disabled the post button worked, but it failed because there was nothing to post.'s Discover page viewed in Ladybird

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In-reply-to » @screem Whether you like the design or not, the User eXperience, I think, has gotten even worse in comparison to 10. The trend of the industry (read: Windows, Mac OS, and default Ubuntu to an extent) is to make everything beyond opening the (default) Web browser more difficult.

…it has the main features a general user could want…

Shortcut creation, open with, file properties, options for third party software like 7-zip, and more are all hidden behind another click. The old menu was more functional because everything you needed was right there.

…easier to navigate…

It’s much harder to navigate because the things you use most often are now relegated to tiny icons with no labels so you have to guess which one will do what you want.

What’s more, the icons are all the same 2 or 3 colors. Remembering “the box and the line with the cursor on it is rename” is much more difficult to remember than “the one that says ‘Rename’ is rename” or even “the blue one is rename”.

If I remember correctly, you can’t even go off of position in the list because only the options that are applicable will show up. For example, if you don’t have anything on the clipboard, the paste button isn’t grayed out, it’s just gone.

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In-reply-to » A tour of Windows 11's GUI: Whether you like the design or not, the User eXperience, I think, has gotten even worse in comparison to 10. The trend of the industry (read: Windows, Mac OS, and default Ubuntu to an extent) is to make everything beyond opening the (default) Web browser more difficult.

Want to create a shortcut in Windows 11? It used to be right there in the Explorer right click menu. Now, it’s only accessible in the old menu accessed from clicking an option in the new right click menu. What are you making shortcuts for, peasant? You’re lucky they let you do advanced things like “making shortcuts” and “installing software from outside the walled garden” at all.

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In-reply-to » A tour of Windows 11's GUI: Virtual desktops are standard since at least 10. I doubt it’s ever used by 99% of Windows users. Taskbar window grouping is the default. PowerToys are still around, adding things like window tiling and a bulk file rename utility. I think some of the PowerToys features from 10 were made standard in 11.

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Great chat tonight with and Some things we talked about:

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                                  # # # #::::::
                                  # # # #::::::
                                  # # # #::::::
            H A P P Y             # # # #::::::
 I N D E P E N D E N C E   D A Y  # # # # # # #
             F R O M              # # # # # # #
    M C K I N L E Y   L A B S     # # # # # # #
                                  # # # # # # #
                                  # # # # # # #
                                  # # # # j g s

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Meeting notes for tonight. Definitely an interesting talk tonight with and I think might have come up once or twice. :)

  • ISP shenanigans, including
    • Port restrictions
    • IPv6 adoption
    • Reliability
  • Sandstorm, the self-hosting system is working on
  • Consuming social media via e-mail
  • Programming languages as an indicator of program quality
  • Pine{Time,Phone}
  • “Sideloading”

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In-reply-to » @carsten @retrocrash I think you’re missing the point that the blog post was trying to make: Newcomers will have a hard(er) time understanding what RSS/Atom is and that it even exists, because all RSS functionality has been removed from mainstream browsers. When you click on a feed icon, it’ll just give you the XML. So, unless you already know that this is a feed and that you can put it in your feed reader (an external program, no longer integrated into the browser), will you understand how this system works? That’s a great point. I remember this RSS feed that uses an XSLT stylesheet to make it presentable to newcomers. It links to, which is okay but I personally disagree with some of the wording and software choices. It also uses some unnecessary JavaScript served from Cloudflare’s CDN.

If I agreed with that website a little more, I might add a link to it on my blog’s index page next to the RSS feed. Perhaps I’ll write something similar myself.

Do they do that in the first place or do they just consume what someone else posted on Twitter?

For a lot of folks, it’s 100% social media. If they don’t see it there, they don’t see it. They only see what their preferred social media services want them to see.

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