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So anyone else up for doing a Easter hackaton this week(end)?

I would really like to work on Lists and other UI features. I got lots of ideas, but need help implementing them.

I imagine that we set up some video calls from Thursday till Monday (all holidays here in Denmark at least) and see what we can hack together:D

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Idea for events in the twtxt/yarnverse:

  1. Just use gath.io as it is

  2. Add a new feature to gath.io, so each event page will have a twtxt.txt:
    similar to how it already supports the fediverse @uVA3cAckHXsRppB0sf551@gath.io

  3. Add option to signup to events with your feed URL (darch.dk/twtx.txt or neotxt.dk/user/darch/twtxt.txt) to be able to comment on the events, so gath.io knows about your feed

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