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Tell HN: YouTube is banning accounts that support Ukraine
Reddit is now full of reports of people (and their channels) getting banned for supporting Ukraine or even just watching related live streams. Reddit is also censoring and removing these reports..



https://www.reddit.com/r/ukraine/comments/t147c3/defending_ukraine … ⌘ Read more

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Ask HN: How do you deal with getting old and feeling lost?
I am turning 35 years soon and I feel like I haven’t achieved much, both personally and professionally. I have held jobs in small and big companies for mostly for 1-2 years each, traveled and lived in different countries, had 2 failed startups, and have about $500k in savings. I am single and haven’t had a serious relationship for many years now.

As time went on, I started feeling less excited about everything, personal or work related. I used to be excited about … ⌘ Read more

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Poll: Where do you live?
I read a tweet that referred to HN as “Silicon Valley”, which struck me as odd because I suspect most HN users, like me, are located elsewhere. This piqued my curiosity about where HN users are located, so if you don’t mind me asking, where do you live?

Edit: Sorry about the randomized ordering (I forgot HN does that for polls). Thanks ahead of time for using cmd+f or the equivalent to find and vote for your state or country. Also, each US state is included as “US: {state name}”.

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