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Hey James, anyway to get editing files and uploading images, to fresh changes immediately, rather than wait for a long time? Makes editing and seeing changes way too slow. I want the host server to reflect changes immediately. Editing process wraps text poorly, and hard returns not recognized. No color coding.
Hmmm? Can you open the edit in NotePad2, a HTML editing program that is colour coded?

But hey, it works and I am so happy. Thanks for the heads up.

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They say AI is now filling up the content of the Internet with gaslighting posts from humans who do not exist and tweets from machines who make up stuff. Nowadays we discuss things with bots, not humans.

Question: How can I stop bots and AI machines stealing my content and using this info in a twisted fashion against humans, so the confusion continues?

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Does anybody notice the acid rain falling over Australia last week, many of Facebook measured the water with a PH of 4.0. Now that’s really very acidic, enough to kill off my tomatoes, which it has.

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