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I’m thinking of starting (another) Side project / Hobby project. Also, I’ve been writing about my projects (mostly games) in the last few years. For me, it’s a source of learning, validation and portfolio, but I have bitter-sweet feelings on the results.

I have mixed feelings, since when it’s a Hobby project is not a big deal leaving it ‘incomplete’, without users, and such. But as a Side project which could at least earn some bucks to pay the expenses, there is some pain in not having traction as a product.

Any general advice?

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In-reply-to » Hey everyone!

@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org Hey, it’s nice to hear that :D

I guess there are already many tools to do that (my brother uses one when he’s riding a bike, with fancy animations and a 3D map), but when you make your own tool, it tastes differently.

Share with us if you revive it!

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Hey everyone!

I’m making a simple bot to record my weekly exercise in a Fake League like Duolingo does. If you want to try it, and share some feedback with me, join here: https://t.me/GemuFitBot

What would be more useful to me, is if it worked to motivate you to exercise more every week

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In-reply-to » Buenas noches, no entiendo la relación entre TWTXT y YARM.SOCIAL ?? ---> Lo que me gustaría hacer es instalar en un servidor un POD de YARM.SOCIAL

I don’t know why there is an interest from Spanish speakers. Having the front page in English could help?

Also, for me as a geeky developer, twtxt and twtxt are clear. (Yarn extensions were confusing at the start tho) Maybe an adaptation for Twitter or Mastodon users would be helpful?

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On Mastodon and Podcasts (in Spanish) there was a discussion about consuming blogs on RSS. Besides podcasting, RSS has been dead for me, or at least I’ve had many years without actively using it.

Today for research purposes I opened The Old Reader with my account of 2010 and it was a blast of nostalgia, old blogs, content creators and even relatives sharing their content about 12 years ago… #dontTryThisAtHome

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What Web browser are you using currently?

Over here my main one has been Brave (after ditching Opera for not supporting the chrome’s Dark Mode). But lately, I’ve been using a bit more Edge, Firefox, Libre Wolf on Windows 10, and Firefox Nightly on Android

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In-reply-to » Keep the Web Free, Say No to Web3

There is the web3 and Web 3.0 (as a successor for Web 2.0), one more oriented to distributed and federated content, another with everything on top of a currency, so every stored bit costs some gas.

And although I don’t dislike the good parts of cryptocurrency, being the cryptography behind it and the potential of decentralized power behind it, I’m not too fond of the interests it brings. Since it’s designed from the core for monetary value, it attracts people aiming for the best Return on investment not caring for the environment (there is a debate about green energies by 2022).

I know that a Hobbyist net, an Indieweb, and a Hyper profitable net are going to be different between them, their core values are different, and there is a space for all of them. I don’t think Web3 is going to be self-sustainable since there is no balance between losers and winners.

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I’m thinking of operating a ‘twtxt . es’ pod (for content in spanish/español)

It’s gonna cost something like 100 USD/year (domain + hosting), nothing excessive, but I have some weird feeling about paying on stuff not being used that much. Thoughts?

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In-reply-to » @prologic, I think it's about time I try out Salty. I followed from the instructions on the website, and it didn't go too well. I suspect it's because the local path from my JSON file (/01G268YYHWGNYT9M1M9760KP83) on mckinley.cc doesn't return anything because I don't have a broker set up there.

Some other errors when using register

salty-chat register me@eapl.mx
error registering account: unable to find broker for me@eapl.mx: error looking up _salty._tcp.eapl.mx : lookup _salty._tcp.eapl.mx: dnsquery: DNS name does not exist.

salty-chat register prologic@mills.io
error registering account: error registering address: non-2xx response received: 409 Conflict

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In-reply-to » @prologic, I think it's about time I try out Salty. I followed from the instructions on the website, and it didn't go too well. I suspect it's because the local path from my JSON file (/01G268YYHWGNYT9M1M9760KP83) on mckinley.cc doesn't return anything because I don't have a broker set up there.

I’m getting this error on Win10 (I could try on WSL/Ubuntu)

I’m not a great Go programmer, so I don’t have a clue what to do next

lookup seems to work fine

salty-chat lookup me@eapl.mx 


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In-reply-to » TikTok-Famous Doctors Are Getting Into NFTs And It's A Mess A group of TikTok- and Instagram-famous physicians say they have a solution for the "red tape" of the current medical system: NFTs of cartoon doctors. From a report: These NFTs, called MetaDocs, are supposed to give buyers access to real doctors, almost like a Web3 telehealth subscription. When MetaDocs launched in December, it claimed that its legion of ... ⌘ Read more

Most of them, but yes… Proof of Work is a Proof of Wasted energy

I don’t have data on how bad it is compared with anything else, but that cool technology is now an environmental problem, as many technological solutions create further problems

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A quote that made me think a lot this morning:

Why are many talented software developers drawn to solving impossible problems, drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee, neglecting their sleep and personal lives, and constantly trying to fix everything and everyone around them while ignoring their own psychosocial needs?

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I’ve been tweeting a lot in Spanish, but had forgotten of writing here :o

Don’t have anything cool to share, rather than saying I’m alive and family is doing fine.

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For a few years, I’ve been thinking about writing a book (in Spanish to start).

Now I’m starting to write one on how to create a Poker Texas Hold ‘em on Unity and C#… Let’s see how it goes for this 1st experiment

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After a few days travelling around the Centre of México, I’m finally at a calm place to relax and enjoy the holidays.

It’s interesting being for a few hours on planes and buses to feel bored, and let your imagination fly again.

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