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I’m not sure what the hell is going on with my computer as of lately, when I leave it idle for some amount of time with the lid closed the screen goes literally blank when I open the lid again, and I have no choice but to force-shutdown it.

Plus, weechat also somehow wipes the configuration files due to said strange event.

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I wrote this little thing

doas -u _postgresql psql --dbname=maddy --host=localhost --username=maddy "UPDATE passwords SET value = '$(maddy hash --password "$1")' WHERE key = '$2' AND value = '$(maddy hash --password "$3")'"

First argument is the new password (hashed of course), the second being the username, the third being the old (current) password. I haven’t yet tried this but I might now.

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In-reply-to » Thinking about this some more... We could implement some kind of majority voting system whereby pods will only delete a Twt by hash from its archives there is a majority of votes within a network of peering pods? 🤔 This would avoid any kind of abuse, or mitigate it, as >50% would have to agree 😅 (oh wait where have I seen this before?! 🤦‍♂️)

@prologic Web3! >;P

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In-reply-to » Woke up this morning to see two different offers from GoDaddy and Aftermarket to purchase my domain name mills.io for $1,000 USD 😳 I obviously declined this, as it is our family name and have had this domain since ~2013 😅 It is actively in use 🤣

@prologic 9 years? got damn

although the very reason i don’t have a domain name is because I can’t pay for one at all, lol

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