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In-reply-to » Lab6 issue 4, at long last: Oh, this is so great! :‘-D Gotta have to tell this my mates who play Factorio. Also had to laugh when reading the introduction:

[Compared to Excel] serious financial, medical or industrial applications should probably stick to the more mature calculation capabilities found in Factorio circuits.

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In-reply-to » Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, riding through the night… Thank you very much! The originals are now available in this 11.4 MiB ZIP archive. I could be wrong, but I don’t see a pun here, maybe some English native speaker can correct me. From my point of view it’s just a parody on Robin Hood with some ridiculously funny spin. Monty Python at their finest. The lupin part might be a reference to tulip mania, when prices in the Netherlands for tulips bulbs went through the sky in 1637. Or it’s just some random thing without a deeper meaning.

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In-reply-to » @prologic This is so cool! @mckinley We went on a long hike (~24 km) yesterday, a short stroll this morning and are about to have an ~15 km night hike tonight. Let's see how that goes.

Yeah,, we’ve cut it short and unfortunately didn’t make it to the third emperor-mountain. Some feet called it quits prematurely.

Our four hour long night hike turned out to be really great. It was surprisingly warm, most of the way a t-shirt was enough. Only in the end we had to pull over a jumper for the long sleeves. We saw plenty of bats flying around us and also a marten in one of the villages. It was sitting in the middle of the road and then hid under a parked car. On the downside, tons of mozzies were also around.


In one place the street lights shining on the tree leaves in combination with slight mist turned the scenery into something really incredible. Can’t describe it other than mystical. Just super beautiful and impossible (for me) to capture on film.

We brought our torches, but didn’t end up using them. The moon and starlit sky was enough. Only in the forests it sometimes got a bit dark on us. The first night hike of the season was a great success and will be repeated several times.

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