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I was happy with WordPress, and I am happy with WordPress. Easy for me and I can blog and post while I am at work, at home or from my mobile phone if I like. I tried Bludit (even built themes for it) pelican, Hugo, mynt, jekyyl, makefiles, bashblog and many others. But after a while, I came back to WordPress as it is the one I can use from anywhere. I wish the mobile App hat an offline mode.

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@novaburst@twt.nfld.uk I know. But I use self hosted WordPress Instances for Journaling, Note-Taking, Blog, Wiki-like Knowledge System. I know the system very well. The main point here is, that I can use it from mobile and desktop and I can host it where I can reach it from any computer which has internet access. How do you do that with all your systems?

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