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@abucci @prologic @mckinley Some mates and I also started twice to build our own git based bugtracker several years ago. At the time there was nothing out there that really worked great. We failed to complete ours, because we wanted to have too many features and flexibility for small and large projects. So we ended up in the same useless state as all the other ones. I have to check this one out.

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@abucci Right, hence a disconnected branch that you’d never interact with. 🤔 But really, no idea, I’ll have to take a closer look at the project first. 👌

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Ah git-bug! Ive chatted with the creator when he was working on the graphql parts. Its working with git objects directly sorta like how git-repo does code reviews. Its a pretty neat idea for storing data along side the branches. I believe they don’t add a disconnected branch to avoid data getting corrupted by merging branches or something like that.

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