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@tkanos@twtxt.net a quick question, I’m using twet (thanks for the recommendation), how do the clients announce between them that you have replied to a previous twt?

You have to follow the other person and the clients look for replies for each of your twts?

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@eaplmx@twtxt.net So… This is basically not really possible in a decentralised social media like Yarn.social / Twtxt. The only way we can work around this is by growing the network and ecosystem enough to a point where things like other multi-user pods or a search engine might be able to pick-up on things like this, which you might be able to query for (in your client). The only other thing you can do is use tools such as the one @lyse@lyse.isobeef.org built to parse your access_log for new followers.

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@eaplmx@twtxt.net yarnd actually has WebMentions support. But generally this doesn’t work very well as in practise I actually find WebMentions isn’t something used a lot. It also has to be supported on the other wise in the first place, which a lot of feeds just aren’t going to bother with. However that is one of the advantages of using yarnd, if someone does discover and @-mention you, your pod will be “pinged” and it’ll show up in your “Mentions” tab even if you don’t follow them.

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