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I felt this weird last time when I tried to seriously use Plan 9. I don’t even know even how to reply to someone as it doesn’t seem like the original twtxt Python client supports the topic in brackets. But I managed Gopher, Z80 assembly, and paddleboarding, I will manage twtxt as well.

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@logout Yeah, none of the original twtxt clients support the newer stuff that was developed in the context of Yarn.social. That topic in brackets, in particular, is specified in these two documents:

(Which reminds me, @lyse and @prologic, that the latter is a bit outdated. We don’t use the URL part anymore, just the hash.)

On https://yarn.social/, three clients are listed:

jenny is my own client, so, to be honest, I never gave the other ones a try. Nevertheless, I presume that they all support the aforementioned extensions.

There certainly is a lack of clients, that’s for sure. We could use more of them. :-)

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