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I see 13 in Goryon too. I only noticed 4 yesterday, but now that I’m looking again I see 13.

I’ve noticed this behavior before with other feeds.

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If you look at the awesome scala weekly twtxt feed, https://feeds.twtxt.net/awesome-scala-weekly/twtxt.txt , it’s wild. “Issue 356”, the recent one I’m referring to, is repeated 13 times. Everything looks fine back to 2022-11-03T21:42:00Z, when “Issue 337” is repeated 13 times. “Issue 336” is repeated 13 times. “Issue 335” is repeated 13 times. Finally, I got bored and stopped counting.

The only conclusion is that this feed is cursed.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure. I’ve looked into this once before. Hashing the content would probably work as long as the content itself isn’t changing…

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