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If I have the choice between a Linux and an Apple, I really don’t know which one I would choose.

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Apple’s macOS for me here too – Only because it’s the only OS with decent enough full screen zoom (accessibility) for poor vision impaired / blind folks like me 😂

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@marado@twtxt.net Does full screen zoom actually work in Ubuntu? 🤔 I have a long and spiteful history of Cannonical’s behaviour with their efforts to developer the Unity 3D desktop enviornment for Ubuntu, ruining the Compiz Fusion project in its wake.

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@abucci@anthony.buc.ci Oh! I didn’t know you were too 😳 How badly if you don’t mind my asking? 🤔 I’m basically legally blind, and have less than ~1% useful fight (whatever is left of my peripheral vision).

And yeah Windows is total garbage, I gave up on using that OS some ~20 years ago, not just because I went blind, but Windows is just a braindead stupid and useless operating system really 😅

Now I can’t say I’ve ever tried KDE/plasma on Linux Desktop before to be honest. I used to actively run CRUX back in the day (when Cannonical/Ubuntu hadn’t destroyed the Compiz Fusion project) – And my favourite Desktop Environment (DE) at the time was XFCE.

Sadly I’m not sure any of this is possible anymore, but things do change, so its possible again one day I suppose.

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@abucci@anthony.buc.ci Look up something called Lebers Hereditary Neuropathy. That’s the condition I have. LHON for short. I also have no central vision, basically from the result of dead optic nerves. But I have to zoom in a lot further than you! 😅 Attached to this Twt is a screenshot of approximately how much of the screen I normally see at any given point in time 😂

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