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I ordered a 3D-Printer. I have things on my mind that I want to print, but I fear, this is another hobby I have to invest a lot of time into to learn it.

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@prologic Yes, yes, It is a big resource. But sometimes you need to adjust things a bit here and there and I have an Idea for a Tractor Puzzle based on a Plane Puzzle. And that I think I have do design my self.

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@carsten I have a friend who brought one too.

He printer basically anything, from phone cases to flyable planes to toys.

He managed to have fun by just downloading stuff online.

If you know how you should start making things in blender or at least with something simpler like SketchUp.

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@justamoment I was browsing multiple sites yesterday and I found so many things I want to print now. Things to replace “ah this is just temporary but installed for 1 year already things”. And some stands, an Smartphone amplifier for the bathroom, holders for various things that are attached with double-sided tape etc

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