In-reply-to » Spent the last few days debugging network issues at work. IIRC, we gave Juniper a try a while back. 🤔 Something wasn’t right, but I don’t remember anymore what it was (probably the API not being available or not good enough?). 🫤 But this was 5 years ago or more, maybe it has changed …

I hope we can stay with MikroTik for a while. Changing switches is not that much fun. 😂

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In-reply-to » RIP

Votes haven’t been fully counted yet but I think we’ve successfully kicked out / fired the (corrupt as fuck) Liberals in Australia finally! 😆

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there was a time in my life where i was obsessed with high-density/high-performance computing. having command of hyperscalar clusters and workstations that could scorch the earth was a deeply embedded part of my work and research years ago.

over the years i realised that i didn’t require access to these sort of things to conduct research and work. in fact it became quite the antithesis to my philosophical belief system. in the past my work focused on space-time complexity and performance measured in sub-ms. when i look back at how much energy was consumed to experiment, my head falls low.

in addition, by becoming dependent on this tier of machinery i created multiple fail points in my toolchain since we designed systems that had an inherent requirement for massive power and scale.

in the end, it felt like having a raptor system to open chrome.

these days i’m quite pleased with my thin/low-power thinkpad i procured for nearly nothing. funny how things work out as you grow older

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In-reply-to » Spent the last few days debugging network issues at work. smart move from cisco -> mikrotik they pack more bang for the buck and off a less-esoteric configuration system than cisco. the cost of course is a nice outcome. before i became involved with opnsense project i spent many years in mikrotik world. i quite enjoyed it.

cisco is mostly trash these days as their focus is a lot of consumer-grade gear which really is not amazing. they tried to do the whole cloud/sdn thing with meraki but it (much like ubiquiti) is firmware hell and full of exploits that take forever to get patched.

if your group cycles through more gear i’d suggest juniper. and yes, they can be affordable.

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In-reply-to » Sid & Marty Krofft to Release NFTs Starting with 'Land of the Lost' Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: Today sees an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of 1970s children's programming giants Sid & Marty Krofft. (Born in 1929, Sid Krofft will turn 93 in July). And reportedly Marty Krofft has now partnered with NFT producer Orange Comet "in a multiyear contract to release NFTs based on the ofte ... ⌘ Read more if i were foolish enough to purchase an nft, this would be the one.

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In-reply-to » @mckinley having a hard time with go and http/json

go run main.go -T "stuff" -e "google" -t "es" -f "en" does indeed spit out a response from the api, but you’ll likely need to build a struct to map the return values to just what you want (ie the text translation for instance).

you’ll likely need to unmarshall the response to pluck out what you need into a string format and return only that.

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In-reply-to » On SaaS/Cloud services and finance tracking software. Of all of the pieces of software out there and Saas / Cloud services the one I truly do enjoy using and have a great deal of respect for is Buxfer™.

It’s not very well known. It should be. The CEO has asked me to help promote it a bit better. The reason it’s not so well known, is these guys have focused on features and user experience over “marketing”. Let’s help them by promoting this little gem 👌

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Good call tonight, touched on some interesting topics.

  • Use cases for encrypted feeds (#770)
  • Trying to reproduce “Bad Request” when replying to a twt (#ej6bbpq)
  • Categorization of feeds (Lists) (#937)
  • Media uploads using yarnc
  • Handling NSFW content (#944)
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In-reply-to » i've been trying firefox 20.x and 30.x with freebsd's linux binary compat, and not even this site displays properly on the latter....

i’m already aware of palemoon but it’s not even worth it, as build times are like literally being in hell

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In-reply-to » looks like old versions of browsers like firefox no longer have a place on the Web

i’ve been trying firefox 20.x and 30.x with freebsd’s linux binary compat, and not even this site displays properly on the latter….

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In-reply-to » Spent the last few days debugging network issues at work. I’ve tcpdump’ed and wireshark’ed the shit out of this. 😂 It’s not very helpful. I’d need to gain insight into the decision making of the switch itself. Why does it drop certain packets? That’s almost impossible to find out (unless it happens to be included in the switch’s logs, which it usually isn’t).

Like said, it’s usually some kind of misconfiguration. Hence you begin to dump the entire switch config into a file and then run diff against the config of a working switch. 🤣 Sometimes this approach works, sometimes it doesn’t …

We recently changed from Cisco to MikroTik switches. At least those switches offer some kind of basic API, which means we can configure them via our config management – instead of using the switch’s web UI or SSH, like some cave men. That should make our life much easier.

Honestly, all the switches I’ve seen so far were total crap. So far, MikroTik is the best thing. Maybe there are actually good switches out there, but they probably cost a ton of money, and we can’t afford that.

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In-reply-to » Spent the last few days debugging network issues at work.

spooky action at a distance. Just remember all computing infra is rocks smashed together in a particular way to move sparkys around in the right statistical modal.

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